Miracle of Urvashi

Param Pujya Ma’s spiritual practice commenced on the 9th March 1958. She then resolved that where she had given herself 34 years of this life, she would now give the Lord five years of her life, wherein she would do everything that He enjoined in the Scriptures. She would thus immerse herself in scriptural study and its ensuing practice. Her determination was unshakeable. She had resolved to search the Truth and nothing would shake her from her resolve.

Her life was transformed. Her days and nights were hued with the Lord’s devotion. He ruled her entire existence. He was her Divine Witness in all that she did.

In the early days of her spiritual practice, she wrote her prayers to the Lord in the form of ‘love letters’ to her Divine Beloved. Thereafter, she began to softly sing to Him, until one day, a veritable fount of divine knowledge flowed forth from within her. Urvashi is the divine Gift of the Lord to His Supreme Devotee.


Upon Chhote Ma’s request, Param Pujya Ma then elucidated the Upanishads in that same miraculous and spontaneous flow of devotional song.

26th August 1962 saw the completion of 26 Granthas – voluminous scriptural texts consisting of approximately 8,000 pages – all in the short span of 4.5 years! This in itself is nothing short of a miracle.

This limitless flow of practical knowledge – deeply devotional and imbued with the sap of life, is a never ending river of nectar – spontaneous, simple and poetic.

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