The Arpana Ashram

Arpana Trust was created in 1962, when Param Pujya Ma legated the Scriptures elucidated by her to a group of devotees whose mission it was to disseminate those scriptures and indeed all that was said by
Param Pujya Ma thereafter.
Arpana Ashram came into existence in 1965, when Param Pujya Ma came to Madhuban in response to
the need of one of those devotees.

Since then, people from different lands, faiths and professions were drawn to Param Pujya Ma, and have experienced the fragrance of this home of the Divine Mother. They found a new dimension to life in imbibing the spiritual truths so sublimely told by Her and manifested in Her life, strengthening the faith of each in their own religion.

Arpana means

A complete giving of oneself to all beings equally
in loving identification and self forgetfulness…

A joyous surrender of one’s individualistic entity
to identify with the Cosmic Whole…

A consecration of all one’s faculties in a spirit
of infinite love, in the service of all…

Arpana – A sanctuary of Love…

Which embraces all
Which respects all creeds and faiths
And imbues each pilgrim soul with the joy of faith reinforced
Granting peace to the troubled mind
And endowing the beatitude of Silence to the turbulent heart.
Adding strength to aspirations which soar to the Supreme
On wings of prayer.

A temple of sublime wisdom

Which joins hearts and uplifts souls…
That illumines the path for all seekers of Eternal joy and everlasting peace.
Wherein seekers delve deep to research the timeless wisdom of the scriptures
And endeavour to share that priceless wisdom with all humanity.
To alleviate in even the smallest way,
The agony and the tumultuous agitation which inflicts society today.

Arpana is a spiritual home…

To people from different religions, lands and faiths,
Individuals and families, following varied professions…
Medicine, Finance, Computer technology, Architecture, Engineering, Law
All drawn inexorably to Ma,
Seeking to imbibe the eternal Truths contained in the Scriptures of all religions
Some endeavour to know That Supreme Truth,
Whilst others are simply drawn to the irresistible magnetism
Of One Who abides in That Truth…
Yet Who is so infinitely simple that it is easy to lose sight of Her Spiritual Essence
Unless one perceives vigilantly with a discerning eye.

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