Arpana’s Mission

To affirm the unity of all; to learn, live and propagate the spiritual values
as elucidated by Param Pujya Ma through service, research, discourses,
publications, interactive media and performing arts.

Arpana’s Activities

Dissemination & Preservation of Urvashi

It is Arpana’s endeavour to preserve and disseminate Param Pujya Ma’s research of the Scriptures which resulted in the flow
of Urvashi. Urvashi reveals a practical method of spirituality which, when applied, leads to internal harmony, peace and joy.

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Param Pujya Ma’s Satsangs

Regular Video Satsangs are being shown at the Ashram Mandir and on Zoom to reach people all around the world. Ma shows the way to internal happiness regardless of one’s circmstances.

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Arpana’s Publications

Param Pujya Ma’s philosophy is shared not only through books containing her elucidations of the Scriptures but also in a quarterly magazine – Arpana Pushpanjali,
published both in English and Hindi.

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Audio/Video Library

Over 7000 audio and Video recordings of daily question and answer sessions with Param Pujya Ma are being digitized and edited for viewing by seekers.

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Stage presentations

They are a regular feature on 26th/27th August each year, based on the lives of Sages and Prophets from stories told to children by Param Pujya Ma.



All artefacts of Param Pujya Ma, including spiritual manuscripts, letters, elucidations, audio video recordings, paintings, and memorabilia from her younger days provide a wealth of information for devotees. Arpana’s precious archives, including the audio & video cassettes, and the several manuscripts preserved here, are being steadily digitized in order to share Param Pujya Ma’s spiritual essence with all. The Preservation room contains several manuscripts of translations of Urvashi shastras, and personal experiences of researchers.

Arpana Trust carries out projects for the welfare of marginalized and urban slum dwellers in Delhi, with a focus on holistic health, socio-economic welfare and empowerment of women.( )

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