Urvashi ~ Revitalizing humane values

A divine cascade of purifying and enlightening elucidations of the ancient scriptural texts emanated spontaneously from Param Pujya Ma as she perused the depths of Spiritual living and scriptural texts. Some of these elucidations flowed forth in simple Hindi verse which she called ‘Urvashi.’ Many have bathed in this sublime nectar which has touched their innermost beings, suffusing their hearts with utter joy

Urvashi made innumerable implicit yet mystical steps of spiritual living contained in the scriptures explicit, thus enabling the seeker to understand even the most obscure references in those ancient texts of wisdom and their efficacy in practical everyday life. This constitutes the foundation of revitalizing humane values in society


Urvashi connotes a celestial spirit who can be compared to lightning which pierces the darkness with Her dazzling beauty. Yet she cannot endure any trace of desire, avarice, attachment or any other impurity in the heart of the One in whom she dwells. If She perceives any such impurity, She vanishes instantly. Thus ‘Urvashi’- ‘One who captures the heart’ is the name given by Pujya Ma to the divine flow of knowledge, thus ensured the aspirant’s protection against egoity, doership and attachment – formidable obstacles on the path of spiritual endeavour. As the flow of knowledge was translated into the reality of life, the term ‘Urvashi’ is the signal to the aspirant to remain ever vigilant.

This miraculous expression of Param Pujya Ma’s Supreme Devotion was captured on paper by Pujya Chhote Ma and compiled in Scriptural Texts – Shastras. The novelty and originality of this spiritual treasure reveals a unique approach to Spirituality, which is a priceless Gift to Humanity.In 1962, Param Pujya Ma created a Trust – Arpana Trust – to which She legated the entire treasure of spiritual knowledge.


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  • Param Pujya Ma’s answers to seekers’ questions on CDs and DVDs and the Website www.arpana.org ;
  • Pujya Chhote Ma’s Discourses;
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