Re-search of our own ever shining Self within

Arpana Self Enquiry

Those who came to Param Pujya Ma were not necessarily spiritual aspirants. They came to Her as children come to the Mother – in search of love, security, identification, succour.
She gave them more than they sought – She gave them the key to joy. She defined for them the path of Dharma or righteous living. She showed them that spiritual life is not merely the perusal of the scriptures but their translation into daily life.
Elucidating the four aspects of ‘Om’,
Ma guided the pilgrim’s progress
through each of the four stages,
as delineated in the Mandukya Upanishad:

mandukya book cover - The different stages of om

Vaishwanar – The first stage of Om

In this stage, the seeker perceives the Supreme Lord as abiding in all beings, serving them all, thus inculcating humane qualities. Every seeker who came to Param Pujya Ma was initiated into giving of his potentials and abilities in the service of all. Doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers and others were urged to share their professional expertise and skills in the service of the less privileged, in a spirit of humility and gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

Taijas – The second stage of Om

This is the process of internal purification through an amalgamation of a study of the scriptures, introspection, prayer and practice, thus consecrating the mind’s soil, to enshrine the Lord within.

Pragya – The third stage of Om

This is the spontaneous divinity that flows forth in the life of one who is purified within. This divinity is mirrored in that aspirant’s speech, thought and in every deed. Such a one is living constantly in the awareness of the Real as opposed to the unreal, the Eternal as opposed to the transitional.

Turiya – The fourth and final stage of Om

The deep abiding Silence, which is the goal of the aspirant of spirituality
and which is the very life of That Realized One, is Turiya.

Spiritual Material for Research

Following Param Pujya Ma’s example of a devotional enquiry into the Self, many seekers of Truth endeavour to re-search their own Self and live in the Silent beatitude of the Spirit.

The spiritual material that emerges as a consequence of such research reflects different individual’s understanding of the scriptures as elucidated by Param Pujya Ma. Satsangs given by Ma in answer to seekers’ questions, and the immense ocean of knowledge that flowed forth from Her, constitutes the basis of the researcher’s endeavour.

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