Arpana Trust-Legatee of Urvashi

At the completion of the scriptural texts – shastras – on Param Pujya Ma’s birthday (26th August 1962), Param Pujya Ma, relinquishing any right of possession over this precious treasure, created a Trust – Arpana Trust – to which She bequeathed the whole treasure of divine knowledge.
Arpana Trust is thereby responsible for the protection and dissemination of the holy scriptures of Urvashi.

Aims of the Arpana Trust:

1. Propagation of the Holy Scriptures handed over to Arpana Trust by Param Pujya Ma, according to the Trust Deed executed by Her on 27.8.1962.

2.To prove and to propagate the unity and secularism of all religions through the teachings and sayings of Param Pujya Ma, Author of the Arpana Trust. All the literature produced by Param Pujya Ma and to be produced in future by Her is the basic material at the disposal of the Trust for the above purpose.


3. To carry out research in the underlying significance of religion, in the light of the interpretations by Param Pujya Ma of the sayings of all the prophets and the Scriptures, particularly with a view to its practical application in day to day life in the modern times.

4. For the purpose of propagation, the Trust will decide from time to time the ways and means in which this is to be done.
This will include:
a) Printing and publishing of literature;
b) Holding of public discourses and seminars at various places;
c) Staging of Dance and Drama to give an audiovisual message of the Scriptures, and to raise human values.

5. To construct, equip and maintain an Ashram at Madhuban, and at other places, which will comprise inter alia residential accomodation for permanent inmates, rooms for visitors and guests, a temple for worship, a hall for meetings and satsangs, a library and reading rooms, accomodation for a publication department, a dining room, and whatever other buildings are required for its activities.

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