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The Ishavasyopanishad Album

A harmonious blend of Ethereal music and Eternal Knowledge

The Ishavasyopanishad is the foremost of the Principal Upanishads which constitute the Essence of the Vedas. Delineating the Eternal Truths, they bring us face to face with the Reality of the individual soul in relation to the Creating Principal of the Cosmos. This knowledge destroys ignorance and illusion and leads one towards Silence. This lyrical purifying knowledge of the Ishavasyopanishad that flowed spontaneously from Param Pujya Ma, gives the listener an experience of the highest Vedant. He, who imbibes this experience with a one-pointed mind, with reverence and devotion, will, without doubt, merge in the Supreme Silence and become established in his true Self.

Param Pujya Ma’s elucidation of the Ishavasyopanishad has been rendered by Sushri Usha Mangeshkar in her beautiful voice. Sushri Lata Mangeshkar has blessed the project by her divine recitation of the Shantipath. Mumbai’s talented Music Composer/Arranger /Director Mayuresh Pai, has also recited the 18 Sanskrit shlokas. Mr. Harish Bhimani has narrated their intrinsic essence.

The amalgamation of this unique elucidation, with the excellence of India’s musical heritage, its harmonious interweaving of the shlokas, their intrinsic essence narrated expressively, encapsulates the journey of a spiritual pilgrim to his goal.

This sublime opus spans 7.6 hours of listening time. The deluxe pack, containing 8 CDs and two books (one Hindi and one English translation) is ready for distribution.


New CDs Composed & Sung by Dr. A. K. Anand

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