In their letter of 22nd May, 1996, the Government of India, granted Arpana Trust special recognition as a Scientific and Industrial research Organisation for Spiritual Research, carrying out fundamental research into the Scriptures.

The World Health Organisation


In May 1993, the World Health Organization awarded Arpana the Sasakawa Health Prize for “outstanding innovative rural health services…”.

Through such efforts, large numbers of rural folk are being invested with the appropriate knowledge and skills in primary medical care. This is contributing towards their future self-sufficiency in health.

Arpana believes that this honor belongs to the magnanimous hearts that sustain the services, and to the beautiful folk who give us the opportunity to serve them.
Arpana places this award at the Lord’s Feet.

“The Spirit of Pujya Ma
gives us the most wonderful reason for living.
She encourages us to play the ‘Game of Love’
in which both sides are victorious
and the score always remains ‘Love All!’ “

Dr Ela Anand (F.R.C.O.G., London) speaking at WHO in Geneva.

Government of India

The National Commission for Women honoured Arpana in March 2002 for programmes to empower women and for gender equity and justice.


The Government of Himachal Pradesh

The Governor of Himachal Pradesh twice presented the prestigious Himotkarsh National Integration Award in 2000 and 2001, in appreciation for Arpana’s health care and socio-economic development programmes.

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