Applied Research

It is Arpana’s endeavour to carry out research in the Scriptures in the light of Vedant as elucidated by Param Pujya Ma. This research is aimed at rediscovering a scientific method of spiritual life which, when applied, yields an atmosphere of harmony, peace and joy.

The Bhagavad Gita states that the timeless knowledge of the Scriptures and the practical Truth inherent in them wanes, and ultimately disappears through sheer disuse. It is this precious revelation of spiritual life that Arpana endeavours to research and propagate so that each can gain access to the heritage of joy which is the birthright of all.

Param Pujya Ma said that the path to spiritual living and self forgetfulness lay in the arena of selfless service. It is whilst offering this service in a spirit of prayer and introspection that the spiritual aspirant can find the culmination of his goal.

Volunteers of Arpana have always derived their inspiration from Param Pujya Ma, knowing that self purification through the loving service of all constitutes the base of spiritual practice.


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