The Inspirational Emblem of Arpana


Arpana’s emblem depicts the means to transcend the wheel of life and death
as the spiritual pilgrim ascends towards the Supreme Spiritual Goal.
This journey is enunciated in Vedantic philosophy, which proclaims that all beings
are essentially one with the same spiritual destination. In each being resides
the Atma or the essence of the Eternal Spirit.

When the darkness of attachment and egoistic tendencies descends on the human soul,
one loses sight of the Eternal Luminescence which is one’s essential core.
With the passage of time, one falls into the depths of despair and despondency,
as would any traveler who loses his way.

Param Pujya Ma has defined the path of return clearly: “Go the way you came”…
This was also the direction of the great sage Ramana Maharishi.
Each one who wishes to retrace his steps towards his Essence
must light the questing flame within his heart.
Then, as a jigyasu or seeker of wisdom,
he must transcend the wheel of destiny, equipped with a spirit of detachment,
and the continual practice of selfless deeds.

As the Lotus remains untouched even in slushy waters,
so must the aspirant remain focused through all circumstances that destiny may bring,
and through complete objectivity and detachment,
find his way to his aspired Spiritual Essence.

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