Vedant – Unity of all – Love All

We are the same Essence
We are the same dust


As long as I live, the world lives.
The world exists in my consciousness.
Each living being is a part of my consciousness.
Just as in a dream, the entire dream is nothing but
the thought of the dreamer,
so also, all that exists is a part of me.

This entirety will cease to exist when I cease to exist.
As in a dream the entire dream sequence merges
into the dreamer when he awakens,
so also, when one ‘awakes’ to the Eternal Self,
the transient world ceases to have any significance.

Why do I wait until death to perceive this reality of Oneness with all?
The arrogance of man brings about division.
The moment we realise the fact that we are all one,
we will belong to each other irrevocably.
We have an infinite reservoir of love within us.
Let us not set up any dams to contain that love.
Let it flow freely towards all and experience the Universal joy such sharing will bring.

The Lord reincarnates Himself time and again
to establish the unity of all beings through the eternal values of
love, forgiveness, humility, magnanimity, gratitude, integrity…
Religion teaches love, unity, piety and understanding of all.
Anything opposed to these cannot be religion.

– Param Pujya Ma

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