Samadhi – Temple of Human Accord

Param Pujya Ma was not only a Compassionate Mother, a solicitous Friend of all, and a Revered Sadguru who took each one who came to her towards happiness, peace and the highest spiritual abode … She was, indeed the Self of all. In her, each one found rest and security, because she reflected and attended to the need of every soul. The Gita says aptly that Such a One gives to the other whatever be the need of that one, and in accordance with the other’s bhav… ‘Yo yatha maam prapadyante’… Ma gave in abundance…Ma gave of herself magnanimously and in perpetuity. Even today Ma continues to give strength and guidance to those who seek it.

Param Pujya Ma lived ever in the embrace of Truth. And the practical outflow of such abidance in Truth was the immeasurable love that flowed from her. Her eternal message ‘Love All’ was indeed her life. Her life was also a demonstration of the practical connotation of the scriptures of all religions. Ma told us of the Unity of all beings not only through her words but through the practical essence of her life. People of all lands and religions lived together with the utmost joy and peace in her presence.

We are now in the process of creating a Samadhi Sthan for our Divine Mother, which will resonate with the same knowledge of life.. the same peace and joy that Ma embodied. A place where people could collect in her memory and nourish the values and knowledge that Ma taught, and thus gain the happiness that comes only through abidance in one’s Self.

This sacred space would comprise a small temple enshrining her Samadhi, set amidst beautifully landscaped natural environs. It would also resonate with the philosophy that she epitomized, where people of all faiths could find inspiration and peace… a veritable Temple of Human Accord. We would endeavour to capture in this space, the beauty and divinity that she was and always will continue to be.

This is an invitation to all those who knew Param Pujya Ma and also all those who may have heard of her, and who cherish the divine and humane values that Ma embodied, to participate in the building of this sacred space. She was the Divine Mother of all, and we would welcome the participation of each one in this beautiful offering of love.

We invite you to donate generously towards this project and create a haven of Love, Inspiration, Peace and the highest Spiritual Instruction.

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