Sharing the bonds of a Universal Family

Life at the Ashram

“To pray, work and eat together constitutes the foundation of happiness in community life.”

Param Pujya Ma

It is in our daily prayers
that we can collectively discover
the essence of the Lord’s injunctions
and the sheer beauty and joy
of imbibing them in practice.
One is also awakened to those subjective influences
that hold one back from
the attainment of perennial joy
which in fact is the birth right of every being.

As we share our meals in loving togetherness

our hearts lift in gratitude to the Lord

and to our Spiritual Mother

for providing this benediction to each one of us

so that we may then expend our energies in service.

To serve together is a blessing in every way…

for, even as we perform the allotted duties

we are conscious always

that all credits are shared even as are the duties

and thus remain free from the shackles of egoity

A day at Arpana Ashram

7 am-7.55am

8am- 9am

Param Pujya Ma’s Video Satsang – Research

Breakfast – eaten together in common Dining Hall

9am – 9.20am Prayer in Arpana Temple with Hospital & Service Employees (Staff)
9.45am – 1pm Service through varied activities in a spirit of selflessness
1pm – 2pm Lunch – Dining Hall -a meal eaten in a spirit of togetherness
2pm – 4pm Selfless Service
4pm – 4.30pm Tea – Dining Hall
4.30pm – 6.30pm Selfless Service
7pm – 7.55pm Urvashi Bhajans
Param Pujya Ma’s Video Satsang – Research
8pm -9pm Dinner – A meal eaten in a spirit of togetherness

Cultural Activities and relevant Satsangs are held on Special Days:
Sadhana Day – 9th March, Mahasamadhi Day – 16th April
Arpana Day – 26th August, Urvashi Day – 2nd Oct.
Lohri, Holi, Ramnaomi, Karva Chauth, Janamastmi, Diwali, Christmas, New Year

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