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Visitors Comments

‘We are really honoured and enlightened to visit this wonderful place – a place of service activities combined with spiritual activities. We loved to see, feel and absorb the peace, grace and divinity here.’

Dr. R. Revathi, Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai

Real work for humanity and religion.

Dr. Ram Bandhu Avasthi, U.K.

‘It was a moving experience to be in the presence of Ma, a divine spirit. Her peacefulness and bliss comes across and appears to be a motivating factor and seems to draw you to her and wish you could be in her presence all the time.’

Dr. Rita Yadava, Illinois

‘It is such a wonderful experience to witness the transformation in villages where Arpana has been striving with excellence! No words can describe the passion and self-motivation which is behind the notable work the Trust is silently doing. We are indeed privileged to witness the impact.

Harish Sadani, Mumbai

‘An inspiration to one’s thinking. Meeting Ma was a moving experience and gave clarity to one’s expectations and understanding of what service is all about.’

Satinder S. Mehta, U.K.

‘You have inspired me to live the teachings I got from my faith and community.’

Sr. Malini, Uttranchal

‘Arpana is my family. I belong here. The warmth, affection, security and Ma’s blessings are my biggest strength. It is heavenly here.

Kanika Sethi, Muscat

‘A very good and baby friendly hospital and a very dedicated stall. I am glad that I chose this hospital for my delivery…May God bless you all and help you in your noble pursuits.’

Shagun Garg, Karnal

‘I am thoroughly impressed with the way Arpana works. The hospital is very well maintained and is comparable to any modern facility available elsewhere. It was a wonderful experience to be in this Ashram.’

Puneet Kedia, Delhi

“A beautiful place with very devoted workers…. The efforts of everyone here are praiseworthy….”

Prema Prasad, Delhi

“I am really very much moved in this spiritually charged atmosphere of Arpana. It is no doubt an organisation with a difference, dedicated entirely at the Holy Feet of the Lord….”

Umesh Prasad Singh, Jharkhand

“An impressive socio-economic venture…”

Col. K.K. Sabharwal, Delhi Cantt.

“A very peaceful place…. I don’t feel like going back.”

Anita Pathak, Delhi

“It was a pleasure to talk to everybody in Arpana – everybody is very enthusiastic, helpful and polite. It is pure motivation.”

Preeti Mehta, USA

“I seem to have found the right path.”

Kiran Soin, New Delhi

“Compassion in practice.”

Dr. Manjit Singh, New Delhi

“Deeply impressed by the sincerity and deep involvement of the people running the Hospital and Ashram and other community services.”

Dr. Sudesh Ratan, New Delhi

“A feast for the eyes and the mind. God bless you all. I would like to do whatever I can for strengthening your hands.”

Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Kumar, Delhi

“Great work, great effort and great spirit…”

Geeta Sharma, Gurgaon

“This is a very humbling and moving experience for me. I wish Arpana all the very best.”

Ramni Taneja, Delhi

“God-sent people to look after lesser children.”

Sehar Mumtaz, Gurgaon

“An excellent concept of service, a good team dedicated to Ma’s ideas. Keep up the good work.”

Shree Bali, Mumbai

“A lovely inspiring place – the world is thankful for your dedication.”

Atiya Ali, U.S.A.

“We are taken up by your wonderful work. May God bless you that you may continue to do this mission according to God’s Will.”

~ Sisters of the Destitute,

Haryana Chapter

“The Ashram gives a feeling of serenity, and it was a pleasure meeting all the people working here, seeing their enthusiasm and also their bonding with God. I wish them the very best to carry on the good work.”

Dr. Loraine Kalra, Delhi

“The ambience and the surroundings brought back memories of my school. This is real good work. I wish this keeps growing.”

Dr. Malay Nandy, Noida

“A place of peace and serenity – God’s presence is felt everywhere.”

Binda Choudary, Gurgaon

“ O’ Family of Arpana,

I do appreciate your

Unity, Generosity & Hospitality

May the good God bless you abundantly! ”

Sr. Francia, Delhi

“Our family is blessed having being associated with Pujya Ma since I was a child. She carried us forward always – through all our dips in life, and that too, with a smile and a pat on our shoulders!”

Anupan Mehta

“…it is uplifting to know that Ma will continue to inspire and guide us in so many ways.”

Geeta Mehta

“The Founder of Arpana Trust had a very very large heart for the poor and socially marginalized people of rural areas. I pray that the spirit of Her affection for poor may be nourished among the associate members of Arpana Trust…”

Father Suchit Paul, IMS

“She was godly and her message of love for all can never be forgotten.”


“Ma has been my purest be all and end all.’ She is in my soul (Ashok). I will miss her a lot!! She has held us all together selflessly!”

Dolly Sethi / Ashok Sethi

“Love you Ma! Thank you for showing us the true path of life.”

Tejinder & Sharanjit Singh

“Rev. Ma is a source of love and inspiration – today and for ever. Our prayers that her work and love reaches everyone and her compassion continues to live forever in all who have loved and known her.”

Aradhana Talwar

“…Param Pujya Ma was a saint and an inspiration to so many of us.”

Jagjit Singh

“Words have to be created to describe ‘Ma’… She was the epitome of selfless service to humanity. May her spirit rest in peace.”

Sadiya Zinjani

“Dear Mother, You have shown us very good moments in life. We will follow the way which you have shown us. Give us more Souls like you so nobody remains without love.”

Dr. B. Satish

“I have promised myself that whatever I become in my life, I shall never forget the message Ma spread: ‘Love all’. I will truly walk on these lines.”

Karunanjali Tandon

“Thank God for wonderful people like you. With you – always.”

Adita Bhaskar

“Commendable work. If you ever need a volunteer, you know who to call.”

Pam Kapoor

“I am full of admiration for your service to the community.”

Madhvi Bhalla

“More than all the products which are very beautiful, I really salute the spirit of each person here.”

Pooja Bothra

“Keep the Arpana flag flying high!”

Arjun & Anila Kampani

“Such a great cause… feel blessed to be able to come and share a little.”

Rekha Khanna

“May God give you courage and devotion to continue the good work…”

Kamini & Dinesh Mathur

“Very peaceful, pure atmosphere, very pristine vibrations.”

Anvita Hans

“A serene and lovely place, full of peace and truth. Awesome.”

Harjinder Sharma

“Everything has Ma’s blessings – that is great!”

Harish Sood

“First place of worship where I could see all Gods. I am touched. Well done and keep it up.”

Col. Singal, Gurgaon

“A real good place, where i felt a lot of peace and calmness.”

Shekhar Jain, Gharaunda

“Beautiful people and energy. You are doing brave work and i hope to stay connected with the great inspiration you are giving!”

Monica Verma

“You are all doing a GREAT job. It will be great to become a part of this.”

Anupriya Diwan

“Extraordinary scholarly presentation of the Gita and Upanishads. I liked them very much.”

Ishvarbhai Patel, USA

“The secrets of the Hindu texts are simply presented. I appreciate and praise the mentor.”

Dr. AK Singh, Firozabad

“Religion in the true sense of the word. Remarkable.”

Ms. S. Prakash, New Delhi

“A wonderfully meaningful experience.”

Dr. Rajgopal, New Delhi

“Arpana is love in action. Whatever they speak and do is devotion personified. Their activities including slum development are extremely commendable, courageous and exemplary. I wish Arpana well.”

Dr. P.L. Sanjeev Reddy, New Delhi

“It is good to see the efforts being made for a humanitarian cause.”

R. M. Aggarwal, Gurgaon

“Very inspiring and uplifting. Positively there is God and He personifies through wonderful people like you all.”

Brig. Y.R. Maindiratta, Noida

“Wonderful experience – the spirit of love and belonging is underlining all the activities.”

Tejinder Pal Singh, Ludhiana

“Thank you for such an incredible experience! Your love and care of me during my visit has been such a gift – Arpana will always have a big place in my heart….”

Karen-Lee Gough, Canada

“I am indeed impressed by the service to humanity… Found great peace of mind here….”

Mohan Kumar Chugani, Delhi

“This is a place of holiness. I haven’t seen such dedicated service rendered by any institution for underprivileged individuals.”

P. Mohan, Madurai

“Seekers of solace and blessings feel very satisfied and grateful” (coming here).

Pahlaj Mulchandani, Delhi

(This place is) “spiritual and sublime.”

Dr. R.S. Prem, Karnal

“Very inspirational”

Debjyoti, the Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore

“It is a beautiful experience to be here, to understand how a deep spirituality of love and forgetfulness of the self lead the members of Arpana to be at the service of others selflessly. May Param Pujya Ma continue to bless and guide all.”

Fr. Anand Mathew, Delhi

“…really impressed by the work that you have done. You are making a real difference.”

Newman, UK Georgia

“An absolutely incredible experience and the dedication and passion of the people here touches your heart…”

Maira Babri, Pakistan

“I am really humbled by your generosity and kindness. Divinity is in the air here…”

Sanjiv Verma, Delhi

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