Self Enquiry

India’s wealth lies in its Scriptural heritage, the essence of which is Vedant. It affirms that the entire Universe, animate and inanimate, springs from one Substratum, the Supreme Essence.

Parm Pujya Ma - Arpana

Scriptures of many religions have been researched by Ma, as she dwelt not only on the metaphysical connotations of the tenets, but emphasized the importance of living a life replete with humane qualities as the only way to happiness.

Whereas the Saints preached the Universal Religion of Love for all, we, deluded by our individualistic understanding, built around us walls of differentiation; barriers of caste, creed, religion and faith. In doing so, we deprived ourselves of the rich treasure of Universal Faiths that were our natural heritage.

Having trod the path of Spiritual Research which led to a devotional enquiry into the Self, Param Pujya Ma showed the same path of Re-searching the Self within to all those who came to Her.

Ma’s research in Vedant led to profound and yet easily understood expositions of the Scriptures. It proves that social problems can only be tackled through a revitalization of humane values.

It is the aim and objective of Arpana Trust, to carry out Research in the underlying significance of Religion in the light of interpretations of Revered Ma of the sayings of all the prophets and the Scriptures, particularly with the view to its practical application in day to day life in modern times.

This research is not aimed at reforming society but in propagating the eternal values as contained in the Scriptures, and as exemplified in the lives of the Saints and the Sages. This research leads to a process of introspection and a conscious endeavour ‘to give of oneself’ (“Arpan”) in selfless service.

Param Pujya Ma’s divine expositions of the Shastras and the limitless variety of her answers to questions etc, show the path to research into Spirituality as applicable to ordinary day to day living.

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