Let me be a critic first

In response to a query by Pujya Chhote Ma regarding the rhythm and the metre of the verse that flowed forth as ‘Urvashi,’ Param Pujya Ma explained that the rhythm and texture of the flow was spontaneous and found its origin in an unknown Divine Source and therefore could not be evaluated in a worldly manner….

“Let me be a critic first
and tell you what is true…
No language do I know ‘cept
these broken words – truly I say to you!
If you question me regarding the style,
I accept I do not know
If you ask me of punctuations or form,
I repeat, I do not know.

If you question
the grammatical content
I acquiesce it lacks much;
If you scrutinise the language too,
I say it is deficient as such.
I have heard no knowledge
nor scriptures perused –
then how can I any wisdom claim?
I perceive word meanings
so differently –
the world cannot but disclaim.

If people call me foolish, unwise,
then this too is true;
Critics will find many a fault –
Their standpoint will not be untrue.
I sing praises of my Lord –
I meditate only on Him;
Each thought that flows
forth from within,
I dedicate unto Him.

What have I to gain from language?
What can it give to me?
This inert rhetoric – these lifeless words
– which speak but silently.”

Translated by Abha Bhandari

Let me be a critic first
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