Handicrafts – embroidering the dreams of the rural woman…

A very important aspect of Arpana’s work in the field of Women’s Empowerment has been to train rural women in the art of exquisite embroidery and the stitching of garments for children and women.

Arpana’s handicrafts activity was initiated by Param Pujya Ma, when some village women approached her with an urgent plea for help. Whereas the burden of the well being of the family and children was theirs, they said they had no money in their hands for procuring essentials such as medicines, nutritious foodstuffs, and education for a dignified life.

Ma immediately assured them that their need would be met. A partnership of some volunteer residents of the Ashram was formed with the intention of training the rural woman in the finest art of hand embroidery. The procurement of raw material and expertise in marketing the goods made by the women was also provided by Arpana.

Arpana Handicrafts not only ensures a means of livelihood for the rural woman, but also allocates all profits towards the charitable activities being carried out by the Trust for the underprivileged. At any given time, over 200 families in rural Haryana depend on the handicraft initiative of Arpana.

Till 2003, Arpana had marketed the products crafted so lovingly by these rural women, through `Devotion’ Arpana’s outlet at Khan Market, New Delhi. This shop had become the bread earner for hundreds of impoverished homes.

Devotion’ shifted to E 22 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 when rising rentals in Khan Market made it impossible to survive there. Today, with the support of our valued customers, Devotion is going from strength to strength.

We look to support from well wishers and all those who endeavour towards the betterment of the underprivileged, to spread the word and share their experience regarding the high quality of products handcrafted by the village women under the strict scrutiny of Arpana volunteers. We also appeal to like minded individuals and organizations to join hands with us for the sale of these high quality hand embroidered household linen and garments.

An overview of the products made in the villages by the rural women can be seen in the section

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