Desires make a prisoner of the intellect and all that is beautiful.

Desires are an unflinching, indomitable army of the mind-stuff,

based on likes and dislikes,

with no idea of right and wrong.

-   Param Pujya Ma

Srimad Bhagavad Gita – A guide to daily living

This elucidation of the Gita is extremely practical in its approach and a precious resource for all who seek the path of lasting happiness. For all of us battling our negative tendencies and seeking the support of Truth, Param Pujya Ma’s profound and detailed explanations of Arjuna’s dilemma and Lord Krishna’s supreme guidance ensure the path to victory. Ma said “The Gita is not a discourse - it is the Lord’s command.” A daily shloka reproduced here reveals Truth in practice.

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Chapter 10 Shloka 27

उच्चैःश्रवसमश्वानां विद्धि माममृतोद्भवम्।

ऐरावतं गजेन्द्राणां नराणां च नराधिपम्।।२७।।

Amongst horses know Me to be Uchchaishravas –

born of the nectar of immortality;

amongst the elephants I am Airavat

and amongst men I am the king.

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