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  • in revitalising humane values in today's world,
  • in sharing with all a sublime and unique spiritual treasure,
  • in serving the disadvantaged

We humbly appeal for your magnanimous contribution for Arpana’s activities

Spiritual activities

Arpana endeavours to share Urvashi with all
An annual expenditure on the following activities

  • Digitised recordings of Param Pujya Ma’s meditations, prayers and elucidations
  • Param Pujya Ma’s answers to seekers’ questions on CDs and DVDs and website
  • Temple activities and discourses
  • Publications
  • Stage Presentations on the lives of Spiritual Souls
  • Urvashi bhajans sung by various singers
  • Urvashi Lalit Kala Akademy, Karnal
  • The building of the Temple of Human Accord.

Service activities

Educational programmes for slum children & women at Molarbund

  • Tuition Support
  • Preschool Care
  • Vocational Training
  • Cultural Activities

Family Resource Centre, Vasant Vihar
Counselling and psychological solutions

Providing facilities for livelihood to rural women through an intensive handicrafts programme

Production of high quality hand embroidered household linen and garments

Provision of easily accessible outlets for the sale of these items

Endowment Fund

We welcome your donation towards the Endowment Fund of Arpana. In this way, the Principal endowed by you will be invested and the interest therefrom used to fund Arpana’s various activities for perpetuity. This will allow your blessings for Arpana to have an impact over a longer period of time than if it were spent all at once.


All donations to Arpana in India are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. (50% tax exemption to donors)

To donate by Demand Draft or Cheque kindly send in favour of:

Arpana Trust ( For Spiritual Activities & Delhi Services)


Arpana Research & Charities Trust ( For Haryana & Himachal Services)

to Arpana Trust P.O. Madhuban, Karnal, Haryana - 132037 (India)

For any enquiries, please e mail : harishwar.dayal@gmail.com

Important : All Donations to the Endowment fund must be specifically indicated.


Both Trusts are entitled to receive foreign donations:
FCRA Reg. No 172310001 for Arpana Trust
FCRA Reg. No 172310002 for Arpana Research & Charities Trust

Foreign donors from the following countries are invited to send their donation to our partners

Country Partner
USA AID for Indian Development
Send donation to Mr Jagjit Singh, AID for Indian Development, 84 Stuart Ct., Los Altos, CA 94022-2249 Tel: (650) 209-5050 AID for Indian Development is an IRS 501 © (3) not for profit Agency.
All donations sent to 'AID for Indian Development' (USA) are 100% TAX EXEMPT
UK The Arpana Charitable Trust, UK
  Send donation to Arpana Charitable Trust, U.K. which is registered with the Charities Commission, U.K. (Reg.Charity No. 1028094) See Arpana Charitable Trust, U.K.

Foreign donors from all other countries may send their donation directly to Arpana in India.

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By making donations to Arpana India, you also get to save your tax.
Donations to Arpana Trust and Arpana Research & Charities Trust
are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. (Applicable in India only)

Kindly register your name and address.

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Quarterly FCRA Report

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